Ramadan Flip Book
Ramadan Flip Book
Ramadan Flip Book
Ramadan Flip Book
Ramadan Flip Book
Ramadan Flip Book
Ramadan Flip Book

Ramadan Flip Book

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Comes with 1 set of Ramadan journey map and stickers.

A product that incites a family ‘to bond’.

The Ramadan Flip Book is a 30-page standing book for 30 days of different activities everyday! It is designed to help parents teach their kids about Ramadan and other beneficial Islamic values through stories and activities. Rather than kids feeling sluggish from a month of fasting, why not make the holy month even more exciting by encouraging them to listen, learn, apply and get rewarded!

Suggestions of usage: 

  1. Parents are encouraged to flip day by day, and get the kids to carry out their daily ‘good deeds’. Each child should have their own Ramadan journey map and stickers will be given when they have completed the task. 
  2. The sticker is only a small token from us. Parents can always prepare for more rewards!
  3. It will be great for parents to read through the content before Ramadan starts and prepare complementary materials for their daily tasks. 
  4. At the end of Ramadan, it is best if this product is kept and reused for next year, or for another sibling! 

Included in a set:

  1. A 30-page standing flip book that comes with Dua For Fasting & Dua For Breaking Fast. 
  2. Each page contains:
    - A Jawi alphabet
    - 3 or 4 names of Asmaul Husna
    - A 'good deed' task for the day
    - A short story that can be general Islamic knowledge or Prophet related
  3. A personal Ramadan journey map with stickers. Both can be kept in the flip book slot.

Adab : Because this product contains Asmaul Husna (names of Allah SWT), be sure to not place it where it can be stepped over.


Flip Book - 320 x 260mm board with 225 x 170mm pages

Map -  320 x 260mm 

Sticker - 155 x 225mm 

* Please allow 1-5mm difference due to manufacturing limitations.


Delivery: From 1 April 2021 onwards

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