Does the illustration come with a frame, and can I choose the colour?
Yes, all our illustrations come with a frame. There's only one option which is light wood.

Can I choose if I want the illustration to be portrait or landscape?
You can, and if you're not sure which would look better we will help to determine if it's more suitable in portrait or landscape orientation. Sometimes it will also depend on the photograph that you submit.

Can you create an illustration from scratch, and can you combine multiple photographs into one illustration?
We create our illustrations based on existing photos, we do not draw anything without a reference photo. We can combine some photos to make one illustration but it ultimately depends on the suitability of the photo. For more inquiries regarding this please contact us via email.

How long will it take to complete my order?
It usually takes us 2 weeks minimum, depending on the current waiting list and number of orders. However if you have a specific date that you'd like to receive / use the illustration, we will try our best to accommodate your request. Please mention this in the "notes" section while placing an order.

Can I order in bulk, for example if I'd like to do a wall of illustrations?
For orders of more than 3 frames, please email us directly to discuss further.

How many sizes do your illustrations come in?
As of right now we only do A3 (30 x 40 cm) illustrations.

Money Packets

How many pieces are there in 1 pack?
The #tinytokenofaffection range (Zainab, Hajar and Zabedah) contains 10 pieces per pack, whereas the Tinytype x Helium & Konfetti range contains 8 pieces per pack.

Can I mix different designs in 1 pack?
No, each pack contains the same design and we do not offer any mixed packs.

Can I customise / personalise the money packets to add my initials or name?
Unfortunately we do not offer any customisation services for any of our money packets at the moment.