Raya Products

** NOTE: Order by midnight 9 April to join the last batch of Raya deliveries. All orders placed on 10 April onwards will be sent out later, with low chances of it arriving before Raya. **

Every Raya... is special. We look forward to every Raya because it's never quite the same as the last, but still feels so familiar and warm at the same time - every Raya is different for each of us, and special in its own way. Our 2023 Raya collection is one of our biggest yet, with a range of not only money packets but greeting cards and stickers too. Designed to complement one another, each item will make everyone's Raya unique.
The three themes in the Every Raya collection are Bunga Raya, Jalan Raya and the Signature Collection. Our designs truly provide something for everyone, whether you're gifting duit raya to your parents and the elders in your family, or to the kids who will surely flock you. #tinytokenofaffection