Money Packets

The theme for this year's #tinytokenofaffection money packets is 4 Musim Memberi.

One of the greatest things about living in multicultural Malaysia is getting to experience various celebrations throughout the year. This year we decided to expand our money packet designs to encompass multiple festive occasions in Malaysia.

Each design honours a special celebration consisting of Hari Raya, the Lunar New Year, Deepavali and Christmas.

The celebrations are each depicted in a design by combining specific elements and patterns. Through the years and across all of Tinytype's money packet designs, we always place great importance for the product to be used for any occasion - it shouldn't have an "expiry" or use-by date.

Proceeds from the sales of our money packets in the 4 Musim Memberi collection will be donated to Pondok Sedekah Omar Zabedah. The duration of this campaign is during the month of Ramadan and proceeds will be donated a few days before Hari Raya.

Our money packets are extra special this year, as we will be selling them year-round and not just during Raya season.